Chapel Street Regeneration Forum

The Chapel Street Regeneration Forum meet every three months in local venues to hear what's happening at the development and to contribute views reflecting the desire of all to improve the area for all who live, work and visit here.

The forum attracts a mixture of local stakeholders including: local residents, businesses, councillors, head teachers, University of Salford representatives and council officers. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with people and do some networking. Attendance to the forum is by invitation only, if you would like an invitation to attend the forum for the first time please email Julie Tracey at Salford City Council

"As Chair of the forum I'm always keen to hear people's ideas about what should be on the agenda and any ways we can improve things. Please email if you have any suggestions or questions." - Andy Salmon, Chapel Street Regeneration Forum Chair.

Past Chapel Street Regeneration Forum Meetings

Download the minutes for past forum meetings using the links below:

19th June 2015
20th March 2015
12th December 2014
20th June 2014
13th December 2013
20th September 2013
21st June 2013
8th March 2013
7th December 2012
14th September 2012
15th June 2012
9th March 2012
2nd December 2011
16th September 2011
10th June 2011
11th March 2011